Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The interview of Moshe Gorelik to Marianne Azizi in English

In this interview Moshe Gorelik explains, on the base of his own case, why Israeli Judicial Sytem became Jeudicial Terrorist Organization terrifing Israeli people.



  1. the judicial system exists to delete human rights! to hide the results of poverty, which is a mass killing device! to separate and destroy the family cell, kill god and our right to say no to rape! so we obey to the supreme race, god on earth! slaves with no right to think and feel! brutally with no fear! they know nobody will judge their judging meant to kill!

  2. I shared this video in our FB group in Oct 13 2015, 11:02am post and comments

    >This video in English is the testimony of Moshe Gorelik, of a member of our group. Another important interview by Marianne Azizi, this exposes the culture of false accusations and false convictions in the Israelis courts.

    Miscarriage of justice, public and government corruption and a radfem gender inquisition seem all too common here in Israel.

    Caution: before you rightly criticize Israel for such cases, you should check the situation in your own country. Is there no miscarriage of justice where you live? (Small comfort, at least the Israel Supreme Court doesn’t allow private contractor prisons. Unlike in the U.S. of A., where private contractor jails are big business and a hanging bribed judge is not unheard of.)